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Quality handwound pickups for guitar, bass, and other electric stringed instruments.  Hand made right here in the capital of Canada!

All of our single coil pickups are south up polarity with a clockwise wind using white wire for hot/finish and black for ground/start.  All RWRP pickups (middle strat pickups and tele neck pickups) are north up polarity with a counter-clockwise wind using a yellow wire for the hot/finish to help customers identify which of our pickups are RWRP.

*Please note: While this is probably the most common polarity/winding for single coil pickups, it is not universal to all other companies.  If you're planning on combining our pickups with the pickups of another company, you may run into phase/polarity combination issues.

Contrary to how it's been used, DCR is not a particularly useful measurement for comparing pickups, except under very specific and limited circumstances.  Inductance, while not perfect, is a far better measurement to use.  Where DCR is only useful for comparing pickups of identical design, Inductance can be used to compare multiple types of pickups.  To simplify it, lower H typically means lower output, more headroom/dynamics, and greater clarity (higher resonant peak frequency).  Higher H typically means more output, less headroom/dynamics, and less presence (lower resonant peak frequency).  For some examples, strat pickups are typically 2-3H, tele bridge pups 2.5-3.5H, PAF humbuckers 3.5-6H, and higher output humbuckers go up from there.