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Cabinet Services

Cabinet Services

We offer a variety of basic guitar cabinet repair services to our local Ottawa customers.  Customers outside of Ottawa may still use these services, but the shipping costs to get your gear to us and back will be expensive.

The customer MUST remove the amp chassis prior to bringing the amp/combo to us
Prices may vary based on condition of cab

TOLEXING (cab must be provided bare; fully sanded/cleaned)
$90 - Small cab (head, small combo, 1x12, etc.)
$120 - Medium cab (medium combo, 2x12, etc.)
$150 - Large Cab (4x12, etc.)
GRILL CLOTH REPLACEMENT (existing baffle must be in good condition)
$60 - Small cab (head, small combo, 1x12, etc.)
$90 - Medium cab (medium combo, 2x12, etc.)
$120 - Large cab (4x12, etc.)
PART REPLACEMENTS & WIRING (labour only; parts sold separately)
$15 - Drop-in small/simple hardware replacement (corners, feet, handle, etc.)
$15 - Simple speaker swap (+$5 per extra speaker)
$30 - Hardware replacements requiring minor modification (like drilling new screw holes)
$XX - Hardware replacements requiring major modification ($60/hr; minimum $60 charge)
$15 - Drop-in mono/simple jack/plate replacement & wiring
$30 - Drop-in stereo/switching jack/plate replacement & wiring
$XX - Custom wiring ($60/hr; minimum $30 charge)
MODIFICATION/CONVERSION SERVICES (requires speaker swaps; charged separately)
$15 - Install baffle down-converter (+$5 per extra speaker)
$60 - Speaker cutout up-conversion (+$10 per extra speaker)
$15 - Absorption-based speaker directivity modifier (AKA: "Mitchell" Donut)
STRUCTURAL/REPAIR SERVICES (ask us for a referral for the following services)
N/A New baffle replacement
N/A Speaker re-coning
N/A Custom cab designing/building

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