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Repair Services

Please note we are NOT a repair shop.  We offer some basic repair/upgrade services to our local Ottawa-area customers.  Customers outside of our area may still use these services, but the shipping costs to get your gear to us and back may be expensive.  It is likely more worth it for you to find a tech in your area.

Our bench rate (hourly rate) is: $60/hr

Current shop ETA is: 1 WEEK

Prices are for labour cost only, parts sold separately
Time estimates based on appropriate parts provided or in-stock

Prices may vary based on condition of equipment provided

EMERGENCY SERVICES (service starts immediately)
$100 - Emergency service charge (+ regular cost of service)
$20 - Replace cable end (mono)
$30 - Replace cable end (stereo)
$40 - Replace cable end (XLR)
$10 - Direct small hardware replacement (corners, feet, handle, etc.)
$15 - Direct mono input jack replacement
$25 - Direct stereo input jack replacement
$25 - Drop-in speaker swap (+$5 per extra speaker)
$30 - Hardware replacements requiring minor modifications (like drilling new screw holes)
$xx - Custom wiring (bench rate; minimum $30 charge)
$20 - Recharge pickup magnets
$40 - Wax potting
$80 - Re-wind a single-coil pickup
$120 - Re-wind a humbucker or other dual coil pickup
$10 - Direct small hardware replacement (strap buttons, string trees, knobs, jack plates, etc.)
$xx - Direct hardware replacements requiring string removal (bench rate; minimum $30 charge)
$10 - Drop-in input jack replacement
$20 - Tone pot replacement
$30 - Volume pot replacement (with common ground connection)
$40 - Standard 3-way, 4-way, or 5-way pickup selector replacement (drop-in replacement only)
$60 - Pickup replacement (per pickup)
$xx - Custom wiring (bench rate; minimum $50 charge)

For all other repairs, ask us for a referral to another tech.