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Canada Post Delays

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To all of our customers, thank you for your continued confidence in us as a supplier. We were up against a significant challenge with the rotating Canada Post strikes both from a service perspective and a financial perspective. Canada Post claims their depots are backed up as much as 30 days as a result of the rotating strikes. They are no longer honoring guaranteed delivery dates, so upgrading to Xpresspost will do nothing to ensure faster delivery.

Solution (choose UPS)

If you need guaranteed delivery times, we recommend you ship via UPS.  It is far more expensive and adds a few extra days to the delivery time, but at least it comes with a delivery guarantee.  Due to the increased cost, it might be best to plan larger orders to get the best value out of the extra shipping costs.

How Is Free Shipping Affected?

If you're okay with potentially waiting weeks for your parcel to be delivered, you can still choose the "Free Shipping" option at checkout which ships via Canada Post.  Otherwise, choose UPS at checkout to guarantee reasonable delivery.  We will refund you the difference between the cost of UPS and what it would normally be via Canada Post within one business day.  That translates to a 30%-50% discount on the UPS service.  Unfortunately, this is not something that can be automated in our current system, so we will be applying these refunds manually.

Thank you for your patience and the privilege to serve you!

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