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About Us

About Us


As DIY hobbyists, we always found it hard to find the products we needed within Canada.  Thus, the beginning of Next Gen.  It was started in December 2014 by Jonathan Beals taking the plunge and ordering a small box of parts in Nepean, Ontario.  In January 2015, he launched a website to sell some parts to the public.  In the first year, we went from a single box of parts having nearly 1000 skus and becoming Canada's #1 supplier for numerous aftermarket parts.  That pace hasn't slowed as we continue to be Canada's fastest growing and most diverse parts supplier for both our public and commercial customers.

With a passion for the Canadian music industry, we're working our way towards several lofty goals:


1) Become the parts supplier Canada desperately needs: If you're like us, you love to DIY things and always have trouble sourcing parts within Canada.  Whether it is amp, cab, case, instrument, or pedal parts; We plan to have a top notch selection!  We add new products to our inventory every month and are always moving forward.  The more our sales grow, the more we can expand our inventory and will one day have everything you need under one roof.

2) Support Canadian gear manufacturers and repair shops: There are countless full-time repair shops, luthiers, and boutique builders who are stuck ordering all of their supplies from multiple different suppliers, mostly across the border.  Nearly all of the ones we've spoken with dream of a reliable supplier in Canada so they don't have to deal with exchange rates or the hassles of shipping multiple large orders across the border.  The more we grow, the better our selection, the better our prices, and the better our ability to support full-time Canadian businesses with our wholesale discounts.  We even added a FREE Canadian luthier/tech directory to our site so people can easily find anyone for a much needed build or repair.

3) Support Canadian dealers: We are aware that the modern distribution model can be harmful to small local dealers.  However, our goal isn't to crush the local competition.  If anything, we want to partner with them to help the Canadian music industry thrive.  There are a few ways you can support us, while still supporting your local dealers:

a) Wholesale Accounts: If we carry products you need that your local dealer doesn't offer, give them our info and suggest they sign up for a wholesale account.  That way you can order what you need through them and everyone wins.

b) Drop Shipping: The reason why many small dealers are hesitant to take on new suppliers or offer certain products is the cost of ordering and keeping things in stock. Instead of ordering large quantities of items from us, they can simply call us to place special orders for their customers and have us ship directly to the customer. That way, they can make a profit without ever having to deal with new inventory.

4) Bring manufacturing back to Canada: Aha!  The truth comes out.  We got into this business, not necessarily because we love retail/distribution, but because we love tinkering, designing, and building new and interesting things.  Maybe one day we'll get the chance to do that in an official capacity.  High quality gear, made in Canada!

So, why all this honesty?

Normally businesses aren't nearly this transparent, so why are we sharing our "master" plan?  Because we need your help!

 - We need people like you to help us spread the word that we exist and are ready to serve the musicians' DIY community.
 - We need people like you to let us know what parts we're missing that you'd like to see available in Canada.

We dream that this will one day become the kind of place we wish existed when we first started looking for parts in Canada.  We promise to provide not only top quality parts but competitive pricing, exemplary customer service, and ultra-fast order turnover times.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!


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