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Quality handwound humbucker pickups for electric guitar.  Hand made right here in the capital of Canada!

All of our humbuckers come with 4-conductor wire and have a north up slug pole and south up screw pole.  The screw pole is always the "active" coil, and should be placed closest to the bridge on bridge pickups and closest to the neck on neck pickups.  All bridge pickups have 52mm pole spacing and all neck pickups have 50mm pole spacing, making them appropriate for both fixed bridge guitars and trem-equipped guitars.  All of our pickups are wax potted using a low dielectric paraffin wax, for minimal tonal impact.

Please note: While this is probably the most common polarity/winding for humbuckers, it is not universal to all other companies.  If you're planning on combining our pickups with the pickups of another company, you may run into phase/polarity combination issues.

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