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12" Bass Speakers

Celestion 12" bass speakers for building or repairing amp and speaker cabinets.

We can get you ANY Celestion and Eminence speaker currently in production.  If you do not see the speakers you're looking for, let us know and we will add it to our list.  Most Celestion and Eminence speakers are drop shipped or special ordered from Waterloo, ON (turnover time indicated on the product page).

Questions about speakers?  Check out our blog series on power handling, impedance, and real-world volume:

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  • Celestion BN12-300S Celestion BN12-300S

    Celestion BN12-300S - 300W 8ohm

    Developed using our unrivalled knowledge of neodymium magnet structures, Orange Label drivers are highly efficient with fast response times - making them ideal for clean, snappy percussive styles, including slap bass. These efficient speakers feature...
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  • Celestion PULSE12 - 200W 8ohms Celestion PULSE12 - 200W 8ohms

    Celestion PULSE12 - 200W 8ohm

    For bass players demanding well-defined clarity and stunning articulation together with a rich, full tone, PULSE12 bass speakers deliver an ideal combination of responsiveness and rock solid low end. The Kevlar-loaded cone pulses with up to 200 watts of...
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