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Nuts, Pins & Saddles

Nuts, pins, and saddles for building or repairing guitars and basses.

Material Descriptions

Plastic = Tonally consistent across all pieces, but not overly durable or long lasting.

Bone = Less tonally consistent due to the organic nature of the material.  But, "bone for tone" is not an expression for nothing.  It has been the industry standard for many decades.

TUSQ = Synthetic alternative to bone.  Tonally, it is almost a perfect match for a good piece of bone.  Durability and consistency of material is extremely high.

TUSQ XL = Self-lubricating version of TUSQ, making it great for use with trems.  However, it comes at the very slight cost of longevity.  It wears down a little faster than TUSQ and bone.  Comes in black or white.  The same material is used for their "String Saver" products.