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Amp Chassis

Amp chassis for building or repairing guitar and bass amplifiers.  Custom chassis available!

  • 25 unit minimum
    • $125 Artwork Fee (per design; one-time only; waved if ordering 50+ units)
    • $175 CNC Programming Fee (per design; one-time only; waved if ordering 100+ units)
    • FREE shipping on ALL custom enclosure orders
  • Pre-drilling, tapping, and countersinking as many holes and cutouts as requested
  • Powder coating (one colour at a time; multiple colours available)
  • Silk-screening (one colour only; logo and/or simple designs only)
  • Custom extrusions or standard Hammond products
  • All modifications are done right at the Hammond manufacturing level, ensuring the highest quality

To obtain a quote, email your dimensional drawings (or the original Hammond part number), professional artwork (vector image) for silk-screening, and all other necessary technical/measurement info required (for drilling, etc.) to

Assuming everything is provided properly, the quoting process can 1-2 weeks.  If you do not have the required information, we cannot provide you a quote.