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Wholesale Accounts

The Next Gen Advantage

If you are a Canadian original equipment manufacturer, dealer, or repair shop, here are just a few reasons to choose Next Gen Musical Ltd. as your parts supplier:

  • Discounted pricing on all products
  • Fast order turnover times and affordable shipping from Ontario, Canada
  • We can drop ship orders directly to your customers at no extra cost
  • No minimum order requirements
  • No surprise back orders because our website lists our exact inventory
  • If we are short on stock, some manufacturers will ship directly to our commercial customers
    • Minimums may apply, depending on the manufacturer

Our Catalogue

As many products as possible are sourced directly from the manufacturer to ensure not only the best public prices (as seen on our website), but the best wholesale prices available to Canadian businesses (only visible with approved accounts).  Here are a few of the well known manufacturers we deal directly with:

Belton Engineering

Korean-based manufacturer of Accutronics reverb tanks, tube sockets, and various connectors and switches.


 CRL and Oak Grigsby blade switches made by Electroswitch have been Fender's go-to switches for many decades.

Gotoh Guitar Parts
Japanese manufacturer of the highest quality guitar parts at a very competitive price point.

Hammond Manufacturing

Canadian based manufacturer of amp chokes, transformers, chassis, and pedal enclosures.


The leaders of the new era for guitar and bass hardware.



German based manufacturer of the highest quality fret wire in the world.

Kayline Processing

Kayline Processing

USA based manufacturer of vinyl amp covering (aka: Tolex).  The modern industry standard used by many of today's most well known brands of amps and cabs.


KMMK SquarePlugs are setting the new standard in the industry for low profile connectors!  Simply the best plugs in the business for pedalboards and switchers.

Wendell Mellotone

USA based manufacturer of speaker grill cloth and tweed fabric.

Penn Elcom

Multinational corporation with manufacturing plants in USA, UK, and China.  World leading manufacturer of amp/cab/case parts.


Famed German manufacturer of premium quality guitar parts.  The best of the best!  We just started adding their products to our selection, so if you need something we don't stock, let us know.


USA based manufacturer that has been the industry leader for decades, providing high quality jacks, plugs, and switches.

Towner Retrofit Systems

TOWNER Retrofit Systems

USA based manufacturer of Bigsby upgrades that improve tuning stability, sustain, and to make them compatible with popular strap lock systems.


Differences Between Regular Customer Accounts & Wholesale Accounts

  • Wholesale account pricing is only visible when an approved account is logged in
    • Discounts vary by product anywhere from 10%-50% off (most products are 20%-30% off)
  • Wholesale accounts do not receive free shipping, or receive other bonus discounts that public customers would receive.  Your wholesale discount is far greater than any savings you would receive by getting free shipping, and is the best price we can offer.
  • There are no returns on drop shipped items (unless defective or incorrect products were shipped)
  • We reserve the right to revoke your wholesale account status without notice at any time
    • Please note that it is a violation of our terms of service for you to publicly share your wholesale/dealer pricing with others, which will possibly result in the permanent termination of your account
  • Discounts, promotions, and wholesale policies are subject to change without notice

Who qualifies?  How do I get one?

To qualify for a wholesale account, you must engage in the manufacturing, repair, and/or sale of guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, effects, pedalboards, speaker cabinets, or amp/instrument cases as a primary business function.

If that's you, click here to download our wholesale application form.  Fill it out, sign it, and submit it by email.  Please allow up to 2 business days for us to review your application.  You will be notified if and when your account status is changed.

Please note: Discounts, promotions, and policies are subject to change without notice.  We reserve the right to revoke your account status without notice.