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Fret Wire

Jescar fret wire for building or repairing guitars, basses, and other fretted instruments.  Jescar's NS fret wire measures HV 200 on the Vickers hardness scale (compared to 120-180 for most competitors' NS fret wire.)  EVO Gold measures HV 250, and Stainless Steel measures HV 300.  The finest frets in the business!

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Names like "medium", "jumbo", "tall", etc., aren't particularly helpful because the actual measurements for the frets following those names vary drastically from company to company.  Even the same fret name from the same guitar maker might be a totally different size, depending on the year of manufacturing.  For this reason, you should NEVER go by the name of the fret size you want.  Always go by the actual measurements of the frets you want.  These are the sizes we currently stock:

 H x W Name, sometimes... Common Use
.043" x .080" Small / Vintage Vintage acoustics and electrics, mandolins, banjos, etc.
.047" x .095" Medium / Jumbo Most popular fret size.  Electrics and acoustics.
.047" x .104" Vintage / Jumbo Second most popular fret size.  Electrics and acoustics.
.051" x .100" Another "Jumbo" Today's most popular for LP-style guitars.
.055" x .090" Modern / Tall Narrow and tall.  Electrics and acoustics.
.057" x .110" Extra Jumbo Very tall and wide.  Scalloped neck feel.
.058" x .118" Extra/Super Jumbo Very tall and very wide.  Scalloped neck feel.

If you need a different size for your project, contact us to request a special order.