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Pickup Covers & Mounting Rings

Pickup covers and mounting rings for building or repairing electric guitars and basses.


Plastic Covers = No impact on tone whatsoever unless you lower your pickups further away from the strings to compensate for the cover height.

RAW/Unplated Nickel/Silver Covers = RAW unplated nickel/silver covers are the most transparent metal covers, only causing a minuscule drop in output and resonant peak.  For most people, the difference is imperceptible.

Plated Nickel/Silver Covers = Plated nickel/silver covers (black, chrome, gold, nickel, etc) are slightly less transparent than RAW/unplated covers due to the added layers added in the electroplating process.  The difference is very mild, but perceptible to most people.

Brass Covers (raw or plated) = Brass covers cause a more noticeable drop in output and resonant peak.  It isn't much, but it's enough that most people can catch it on an A/B comparison.  It could be useful for helping to tame an overly bright pickup, in combination with other signal chain changes.