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Temporary Closure Due To Extreme Weather Conditions

CLOSED: Jan 17-18.  Re-opening Jan 19.

25-40cm (up to 50cm in the worst hit areas) expected to fall.  It's expected to take a few days to clean up.  They're pretty much shutting down the city.  Even COVID vaccination centers in the area are closing temporarily.  Our warehouse will unfortunately be inaccessible by our staff at least on Monday, and probably Tuesday as well.  We'll get back at it as soon as possible!

Sorry for any inconvenience.  Thank you for your understanding!

Our Current Turnover Time

Due to a combination of this unexpected closure, the recent holiday closures, and the Ontario lockdown, you should still expect delays of up to 5 business days for any orders or inquiries placed.  That includes orders for curbside pickup.  Know that we are doing everything we can to process orders and respond to inquiries as fast as possible.

We hope to be fully caught up and back to normal by the end of January.

Shipping Delays

All carriers are backlogged as a result of unprecedented shipping volumes.  Most shipments are arriving a few days late, and some are arriving over a week late.  While very rare, a few are experiencing delays of up to several weeks past the delivery standard date.  It is quite possible that if you place your order today, you may not receive it for several weeks (potentially over a month for international orders).

We cannot provide details on whether or not your order will be delayed, nor can we provide any further details regarding your shipment after we've sent it.  We can only open support tickets for parcels if it's been more than 2 weeks past the expected delivery date or its latest scan, whichever is later.

Trust me, we are equally frustrated with the situation!  Please understand that anything that occurs after we've shipped your order is beyond our control.  Thank you for your understanding!

Supply Chain Challenges

The turnover time from factories to our door has nearly quadrupled in some cases (some factory ETAs are now up to 6 months delay).  This is due to a combination of factors such as: raw material shortages, manufacturing delays due to closures and COVID-management protocols, shipping container shortages, port processing delays, an increase in demand the likes of which the industry has never seen, and a number of other factors well beyond our control.  It's the perfect storm, and it is affecting every industry worldwide.  Worse yet, while pandemic lockdowns may have kicked it off, it isn't the root cause.  So, it will only continue to get worse through into 2022, despite the loosening restrictions.  If you notice we're low or out of stock on a specific product you need, contact us for an ETA.  Though, to be honest, in some cases the answer is legitimately, "We don't know.  Whenever the factory sends us what we ordered."

Small Business Reality

Even the largest companies on the planet are suffering shortages and are unable to meet current demand.  For small businesses without the same large buying power, the impact is even worse.  The reality is, you can't sell goods or provide services if you don't have the parts available.  That means you can't pay your staff, rent, etc.  I've had a few long conversations from heart broken builders and small businesses really struggling with this stuff.  A few have even shut down their operation completely and essentially given up on their dreams because they can't sustain a living anymore.  We lost a lot of businesses due to the lockdowns.  Now we're losing more because of the supply chain issues.  So please, even if you don't support us, support your other local small businesses.  They need it now more than ever!!

Jonathan Beals, Owner
Next Gen Musical Ltd.