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Custom Looper Pedal (true bypass) With A Unique Twist

Posted by Jonathan Beals, Owner on 2019 Sep 30th

I had a buddy (personal friend, Next Gen doesn't do custom wiring for customers, so please don't ask.) recently ask for help designing a true bypass looper for his two drive pedals, but with a unique twist.  He wanted a third switch, giving the following combinations:

  • Switch 1 = Loop 1 on/off
  • Switch 2 = Loop 2 on/off
  • Switch 3 = Both loops on, regardless what position the other switches are in.  Sends the signal back to the other switches when off.

So, the third switch is a master "on", but it doesn't act as a master "off" when turned off.  I thought it was pretty odd, but he had his reasons for wanting that combination.  In any case, this is what I drew up for him:

It would require the following parts:
6x - Switchcraft #11 Jacks (or your preferred mono jack)
1x - 3PDT latching footswitch
2x - DPDT latching footswitches
 + your preferred choice of wire

One glaring omission that is a major drawback to this drawing is that it doesn't include LED indicators.  They are pretty much a MUST on a pedal like this.  Luckily, it isn't hard to add them.  You'd just use 2x 3PDT switches and 1x 4PDT (special order) instead of what is mentioned above, plus a DC jack (or battery terminal), your preferred LED stuff, and the necessary resistors.

If you're in need of such a niche/unique looper pedal, give this a shot.

Build safe and build awesome!